Skysaver 260 - Building Escape Backpack, Up To 260 Feet SKS-260

Skysaver 260 - Building Escape Backpack, Up To 260 Feet

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SKU : SKS-260
Price: $1200.55
  •  SAFELY SELF-EVACUATE FROM YOUR APARTMENT BUILDING: SkySaver survival backpack allows you to quickly escape your apartment building instead of helplessly waiting for salvation. SkySaver is a Controlled Descent Device (CDD) that enables you to self-evacuate from life threatening situations caused by fire, terror attacks, hurricanes and earthquakes.

  •  SECURELY EVACUATE IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS: You need no skill or training to use the SkySaver. Simply (1) buckle up (2) clip onto the pre-installed anchor point (3) exit through window.  Once out of the window, the SkySaver escape kit automatically and slowly descends you towards the ground, making your escape easy, quick and more reliable than any other alternative.

  •  RESCUE ALL FAMILY MEMBERS: SkySaver leaves no one behind.  While each adult requires a backpack, there is an option to purchase a family backpack which includes an attachable front harness for a baby.

  •  ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Each escape backpack can carry a maximum weight of 298 lbs and has adjustable straps to fit your size.   The rescue device comes in three cable lengths: 80 ft (up to 7th floor), 160 ft (up to 15th floor) and 260 ft (up to 25th floor).

  •  7 YEAR WARRANTY, GLOBAL CERTIFICATION: SA and EU certified and has been tested to meet and exceed ASTM, ANSI and EN standards. Successfully tested in extreme conditions. 7-year limited product warranty.
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Skysaver 260 - Building Escape Backpack, Up To 260 Feet SKS-260

Skysaver 260 - Building Escape Backpack, Up To 260 Feet $1200.55

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